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We do not have a constant supply of puppies - one or two litters per year is about as much as we will expect to breed. Though sometimes we will help those who have bought dogs from us to place puppies, so even if we don't have pups when you contact us we may be able to direct you to a reputable source.

All our puppies are hearing tested before being placed and new owners will get a hearing certificate for their pup. We also DNA test puppies for Progressive Retinal Atrophy except where pups' eye status is already known because they are 'obligates', for example, if mum is Pattern A and dad is Pattern A then the puppies will also be Pattern A and there is no requirement to test. A Yarraman puppy will be microchipped before he or she leaves here.

If you want a YARRAMAN puppy you may have to make a booking and wait for the ideal puppy for your needs to become available.

~*~The best is always worth waiting for~*~

We hope to have puppies autumn 2019

We are always happy to talk about our breeding plans.

Phone Norma on 01948 841302 or e-mail normaacds@btinternet.com

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